Bengal cats have a lot of energy and are very intelligent. To prevent problematic behaviour, make sure your Bengal cat can spend his energy and gets the attention he needs.

First of all, your Bengal cat needs YOUR attention. But if you cannot be home all the time, it might be a good idea to buy a second cat. This does not necessarily have to be a bengal, but do choose a cat that can cope with the enthusiasm and energy of your bengal cat.

From early on the Bengal cat has to be petted a lot and needs to be picked up regularly to become social. When the cat ages and you notice that your Bengal does not enjoy being picked up much, it still is important to keep picking your cat up once in a while. For example, you must be able to handle your cat easily when you want to take it to the vet in its travel basket.

Playing with the cat is important for socialization and to make sure the cat can do something with its big energyload. Some of my Bengals love to fetch things. They also enjoy to search for hidden toys. Once in a while I use eating-games that you can buy at the pet store. With these toys the cats need to use their brain to retrieve the food. This stimulates the cat in its intelligence.

Choose robust toys for a bengal. It depends on the specific cat, but they can be able to destroy regular cat toys more rapidly then other cat breeds.

It is also possible to teach Bengals to walk with a cat harness!

Because of their exclusivity and price, it is not a good idea to let Bengals out of doors without a harness. They could be stolen. It is also possible that the cat runs away and won’t be able to find his way back home, or that they will be hit by a car.

As with all cats, Bengals must be treated for worms and fleas regularly. See health of our cats.

Bengal cats have a more sensitive stomach then other cat breeds. The best choice for them is grain-free quality food, or food that is especially made for bengal cats. Bengals are crazy about water too, and not only to drink. In summer they will lie down and play in a shallow bath. They want to join you in the shower; but it also means they might make a mess of their drinking bowl as well!

The Bengal cat just needs that extra bit of love, care and attention, but you are rewarded with a very special and trusting pet! Also read: Suitable for you? and Preparations.