For me and lots of other people, the bengal is the perfect pet. But does this apply to everone? Below you will find important information to know about Savannah cats. After you have read this information, you may be able to decide if the Savannah and you are destined for each other or not!


Bengal cats need a lot of attention of their owner. My bengals react like dogs when I come home after an absence: they are happily waiting for me by the door and don’t appreciate being alone for lengthy times. This still applies when bengals are in the company of other cats; they do not like being left alone by their human friend. Although an extra bengal cat friend is a good idea of you are not that often at home.


Bengal cats will become approximately 12-16 years old. So if you decide to buy a cat, you need to commit to your new friend for quite a lot of years!


In my experience: there is never a dull moment with bengal cats in your house. They make me laugh, but early in the morning I may grumble whilst clearing up the mess they have made. Did I leave a roll of kitchen towels on the table? The next morning the entire groundfloor is covered in ripped up paper. A knocked over watertray, because they love water… The opportunities for mischief are extensive! Their happiness to see me again or a cuddling bengal on my lap make up for everything. But does that apply to you?

My bengal cats play with everything if they get the chance, quite a difference with regular cats I used to have. Before keeping bengal cats, I had a lot of glass decorations. These have now been replaced with unbreakable items in wood or metal, because they can knock things over in their enthusias or play. Bengals are a bit naughty as well as intelligent: they open drawers or cupboards if they have not been closed properly, or knock over your drink at a moment of inattention. Before buying a bengal cat, you have to ask yourself if you are not bothered with this kind of behaviour. And for the years to come. And if the rest of the family members won’t be bothered with it either.


Bengal cats are not a cheap cat breed, even more when they come from a serious breeder that has chosen his adult cats from all around the world, that has done medical examinations of his cats and that feeds his cats food of enough quality. So buying your new cat will require some money, but also caring for your cat. You need to provide toys, quality food (bengals have a more sensitive stomach so quality grain-free food is a good option, or food especially for bengals), and you need to provide your cat with veterinary care.

Children and Savannahs

I have 3 small children. Be aware of the fact that must never leave very young children alone with a pet, whether it is a bengal, a savannah, a normal house cat, a dog, a parrot or something else. Children do not have the adult intelligence to treat pets correctly as we alduts do. So, always keep an eye on children and bengals when they are together. Of course in general, the older the child or cat, the better the behavior will be. My children have built up a great relationship with the cats. I think it is a great thing to have young children grow up with pets from an early age on. They learn a lot about animals and are taught responsibility by carrying out small tasks in the care of the cats!

If you have the opportunity, it might be a good option to create a room especially for the bengal cat, where it can retreat to rest without human comany, giving a break of supervision for the adult or parent as well. The cat room could be used as night quarters too. Obviously, this room has to be spacious and warm enough for your cat. If a cat room is not an option for you, the cat will love it if you hang up some cat shelves on the walls, so he can retreat to a safe and quiet place if he wants to.

Would you like to have this beautiful, unique and intelligent animal as your pet? Please contact me. You can check on our Kitten Page if there are any kittens available! Or perhaps there is a sweet adult cat looking for a new home!