Our cats have been chosen carefully from breeders all around the world. All our breeding cats have been tested for hereditary diseases. We also have Savannah cats, beside the bengal cats.



Nero is stunning brown (black) charcoal bengal male! He is the son of our blue lynx double charcoal stud Sunparadise Yegor, and our female Oasisbengals Mila, a brown spotted tabby. Nero has got a beautiful coat pattern with big rozettes! Nero is a big cuddle-bug who loves to be in your arms.

Nero is Apb/a (charcoal), C/cs (carrier snow lynx) and D/d (carrier dilute).





Zuwena is a gorgeous silver spotted tabby bengal female, from top cattery Praslin. She is very sweet and loves to cuddle. She has got a clouded coat pattern, with big rozettes. We hope to have some beautiful kittens or her! She and our stud Nero love each other very much, which is so nice to see.

Zuwena is A/A, C/cb (carrier snow sepia) and D/D.





Holly is our double charcoal, silver snow sepia female bengal! This is a very rare colour to find, so we have searched everywhere before we found her. Holly has got beautiful big rozettes! Together with our male Nero, we expect beautiful snow mink kittens, brown tabby kittens and silver kittens, in charcoal and double charcoal! Holly is from cattery Puertoprincesa (TICA), who is registered at WCF with the catteryname Dimaliks.