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Snow mink kittens are the result of the combination of the snow seal lynx gene and the snow sepia gene. One of the parents must carry for snow lynx, and the other parent for snow sepia. Then the kittens can become snow mink.

Personally I think the colour snow mink is the most beautiful snow colour. Therefore we have selected our adult savannahs on the snow-gene they carry. Our brown male Nero carries for snow seal lynx. Our silver female Zuwena carries for snow sepia. Our other bengal female Holly is a silver (completely) snow sepia.

Nero x Zuwena gives a chance of 25% snow mink kittens with a normal coat pattern like on the pictures here below. Our adult cats have been selected on extra big rozettes though, because we think that is so beautiful!



Nero x Holly gives a chance of 50% snow mink kittens, who also have the coat pattern charcoal (apb/a) or double charcoal (apb/apb). Charcoal is a coat pattern with a kind of dark mask and a darker back on the bengal cat.


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A charcoal mink bengal cat from another nursery